The Academy of Strings Foundation

The Foundation is a separate non-profit corporation whose purpose, through the creation and development of an endowed fund, is the promotion and financial support of the charitable and educational purposes of the Academy of Strings with its endeavor to develop musical excellence in our region.

In addition, the Foundation works to:

  • Develop & sponsor arts, music, & education related activities in the community.
  • Create opportunities for students to experience a high quality of music education & performance, at the local, national, and international levels.

The goal for the Foundation and the Academy is to provide excellent classical music instruction, opening new avenues for experiences and education that may not otherwise be available to the young people of this region.


The Academy of Strings Foundation wants to build on the rich musical history and talent of the area, encouraging excellent instruction and performance in classical music as given through the Academy of Strings.

This support is primarily focused on providing resources that enable the Academy to expand its impact in the community.